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May 22, 2017| privacy policy

This Privacy Policy specifies the handling of Personal Data in relation to the application, the software, the website and other online services that Reifycs provides (collectively, “Applications/Services”). Regardless of your address, your Personal Data that Reifycs collects or obtains is managed pursuant to this Privacy Policy and other related agreements, and please also confirm End User License Agreement and other terms of use, if any, applicable to the Applications/Services.

Coverage of this Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy applies to your Personal Data. “Personal Data” means any data or information about any person such as your information that you enter when you use the Applications/Services and your use history, and may include Personal Information that identifies a person. If Personal Data can identify a specific person by combining other information such as sex, phone number and employer even if a name etc., is not included, such Personal Data is regarded as Personal Information. Personal Information that Reifycs owns may include:

  • Name;
  • Name, Department, Address, and Phone number of or at your organization; and
  • Email address that indicates your personal name and organization.

Any information that becomes information other than Personal Data by data processing etc., (e.g., summarization or analysis) is regarded as “Statistic Data” and is treated differently from Personal Data. Reifycs may use Statistic Data even for other purposes than those under this Privacy Policy.

Personal Data that Reifycs may collect

Reifycs obtains Personal Data in the following circumstances:

Registration and Customer Support
When you register to use the Applications/Services or contact us for support or other solution offerings, Reifycs collects Personal Data. This includes information such as your name, organization name, email address, payment information and other registration information.
Provision of Documents
A typical case is when you provide us with an identity verification document. Reifycs collects such information by your providing documents or materials containing your personal data such as identity verification documents and by our receiving such documents.
Use of the Applications/Services
Reifycs collects information about how you use the Applications/Services. Reifycs may collect information sent by your browser or device to our servers whenever you access or use the Applications/Services (including usage logs of the Applications/Services).
Activation and Updates of the Applications/Services
When you install or activate the Applications/Services or when you check availabilities of and install program updates to the Applications/Services, Reifycs collects certain information such as information about the device, condition of the device (including your IP address), the Applications/Services that you use, and your product serial number. Reifycs may use such collected information and confirm issues such as whether it is properly licensed.
Emails that Reifycs sends you may include a technology (may be called a beacon) that indicates to Reifycs whether you have received or opened the email, or clicked a link in the email.
Reifycs may collect other information about the Applications/Services that it from time to time may deem necessary for stable servicing of the Applications/Services.

For clarification, without your consent, Reifycs does not obtain the data in a file format you enter when the Applications/Services are used.

Use of Personal Data

Reifycs uses information that Reifycs collected about you (including but not limited to the types, terms, frequencies, fees of the Applications/Services that you paid for or used, and your name, organization name, department, address, bank account and credit card information) in a number of ways, such as:

  • User identification in using the Applications/Services such as log-in;
  • User identification in providing the Applications/Services and others (including but not limited to responses to your inquiries, notice to you, and prevention of fraud);
  • Improving the Applications/Services and consideration of new services;
  • Conducting research about and analyzing use of the Applications/Services and others;
  • Diagnosing problems in the Applications/Services;
  • Providing information about Reifycs, the Applications/Services and new services etc.;
  • Conducting market research about you, your interests, and the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns;
  • Taking measures for software piracy and other illegal conducts; and
  • Claiming service fees and charges.


Reifycs may use cookies and similar technologies to operate the Applications/Services and to better understand you and your likely interests.

Disclosure or Share of Personal Data

Reifycs will not disclose your Personal Information to a third party except for the following events. Reifycs may disclose Personal Data to a third party to the extent permitted under this Privacy Policy, but Reifycs will do so by excluding Personal Information requiring special care, unless permitted under the laws and regulations or Reifycs obtains your separate consent.

Reifycs provides the Applications/Services in cooperation with other companies. These companies provide services such as sales activities, delivering customer supports, processing credit card payments on our behalf. In some cases, Reifycs allows these companies to access some of your Personal Data in order to provide the Applications/Services to you.

  • When you agreed to the sharing;
  • When Reifycs delegates its services to a third party within the necessary scope to achieve the utilization purpose;
  • When Reifycs is required to provide information in accordance with laws and regulations, court order or other processes;
  • When Reifycs has a good faith belief that the disclosure is necessary to prevent or respond to fraud, defend the Applications/Services against attacks, or protect the property and safety of Reifycs, our customers or the public; or
  • If Reifycs merges with or is acquired by a third party, sells to a third party the whole or part of the Applications/Services, or related business or assets.


Reifycs uses its efforts to protect your Personal Data by introducing a reasonable security control system. However, no security control is 100% safe and Reifycs does not ensure or warrant the security or safety of your Personal Data.

Storage of Personal Data

Your Personal Data is stored on Reifycs’ servers and servers of other companies that Reifycs asked. Since such servers may locate worldwide, your Personal Data may be transferred across national borders.

Transfer of Personal Data across National Borders

In addition to the above and in relation to the Applications/Services, Reifycs may transfer your Personal Data across national borders to other countries in compliance with applicable laws, and you authorize Reifycs to do so. The regulation and system of privacy protections and rights of the authorities to access your information in these countries may not be equivalent to those in your country.

Update, Edit, Review and Deletion of Personal Information

In some cases, you may review, edit, update or delete your Personal Information on the Applications/Services. If you desire to review, edit, update or delete your Personal Information, please email your request to Please note that Reifycs may need to retain certain information about you for legal and other business reasons (e.g., fraud prevention), and Reifycs will retain your Personal Information for as long as necessary to comply with legal obligations or to enforce our agreements.

Change of Privacy Policy

Reifycs may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. If Reifycs does so, Reifycs will indicate on the Reifycs’ website that the Policy has been changed. For new users, the change will become effective upon posting the changed Policy. For existing users, the change will become effective upon first use of the Applications/Services after the changed Policy is posted, unless the change is significant, in which case the change will become effective 30 days after posting.


The governing language of this Privacy Policy is Japanese, and this English translation is for reference only.


Should you have any question or concern about this Privacy Policy, please email us at